Our Intellectual Property

Our patent pending IP is a data ingestion-digestion and conversion process running on Unix that converts relational data (EDI norm) to scalable, available and performant NoSQL in cloud-native serverless architecture. This facilitates scalable high-speed reconfiguration and multiple filter analysis.

Our IP can operate and integrate in tandem with multiple systems.

Our serverless architecture enables secure, high volume (60 million/hour) ingestion coupled with our non-relational data storage offers analytics for problem and solution identification and modeling that can be applied to financial, clinical, and pure research operations.

Deploying proprietary technology to automate currently manual and rules based processes while augmenting capabilities and decision support. Starting right from the initial data collection, categorizing, trend identification, and merging of disparate data sources, to creating predictive models associated with complex decision processes.

In our current RCM operations, GCA scrubs three databases (837, 835, relevant reimbursement codes) for appeals that can include underpays, denials, and subsequently zero-balance accounts. All done (100% audited with increasingly lowered human interaction for validation) in real time.