Effortless, Deep Learning
Healthcare Analytics

Understanding how to create and manage a value-based care system with a quality-based management system requires an analytics technology architecture that can hyper-ingestâ„¢ massive amounts of data then hyper-digestâ„¢: analyze, learn, predict outcomes, and minimize risk.

Global Care Analytics

Global Care Analytics gives the C-suite of health systems, hospitals, and medical groups a cost-effective analytics technology architecture to conduct deep analytics of data for better management decisions.

The CEO, COO, or CFO can execute precisely targeted, complex queries on massive datasets with real-time or near-real-time responses by simply dragging and dropping preset queries into the intelligence engine.

The power of a deep neural network can now be accessed by your management team at any time.

You no longer have to wait for IT or a third-party data scientist. We give you the power to access health and operational datasets to identify gaps in care or delivery of care services, outcome metrics, and the most complete real-time picture of the health of your patient population.

Our Plan

To expand into a broad range of applications of our I.P. through strategic partnerships dealing with deep data analytics to provide 100% confidence in validated specifics and (separately or in conjunction) high confidence systemic affirmations of factual reliability. Our targeted fields of growth through strategic partnerships include;


Annual Internal Systems Audit

Year-end Financial Audit

Regular Compliance Audits



Quality Control testing

ISO Compliance

FCPA Contingency


Deep Data Dives

Statistical Analysis

Systems Modeling

Model Testing


RCM Appeals Marshalling

RCM Zero Balance Recovery

Litigation Support

The speed, scalability, flexibility in use, as well as its agnosticism to host systems make G.C.A. a potential disruptor in fields in which it operates. We have successfully beta tested our RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) programs and are active in that arena.

Here are a few of the many hundreds of operational, and public health data your C-suite can query via simple drag-and-drop with our data insights engine:

  • Patient wait time
  • Bed/room turnover
  • Readmission rate
  • Percentage of patients leaving against medical advice
  • Equipment utilization rate
  • Percentage adherence to treatment plan
  • Average minutes of surgery
  • Communication between primary care physician, proceduralist, and patient
  • Third party revenue
  • Cost of medicine
  • Outpatient satisfaction
  • Avg. monthly full-time equivalents
  • Percentage of electronic records
  • Childhood obesity rate
  • Adolescent obesity outreach campaigns
  • Time between and symptom onset and hospitalization
  • Rate of complications
  • Medication errors
  • Quality of nursing care
  • Unexpected return to surgery
  • Hospital acquired conditions
  • Post-procedural death rate
  • Staff-to-patient ratios by department

You have full access to this data via an interface that is simple to use, fast, accurate, and arranged so you can drill down within topline data to find the layers of data beneath.