Why GCA is Different

1. Our speed of data ingestion.  Benchmarking over industry standards, our technology solution is capable of fully processing input cases to the tune of 60MM records in under an hour, as compared to days, for competition.

2. Our unique data storage system. Our patent pending IP is a data ingestion-digestion and conversion process running on Unix that converts relational data (EDI norm) to scalable, available and performant NoSQL in cloud-native serverless architecture. This facilitates scalable high-speed reconfiguration and multiple filter analysis.

3. Contract ingestion and machine learning. Our patent pending IP includes the compute power to convert traditional pdf/excel contracts into a database layer without much human handling. Machine learning models aid the learning and continuous refinement of artifical understanding of the contracts that exist in the healthcare industry.

4. Use of deep data analytics based on statistics. Application of comparative data relating payor performance across comparative fields, regulator-sourced industry or science-based norms, and even within specific data sets and/or relavent processes to identify and analyze outliers indicative of issues for further study.

5. Use of single case analysis for situational confirmation, audit and validation. In commercial and research environments systemic or statistical analysis can find trends and outliers, but it is frequently necessary to combine and compare one-off data points or sets for specific, 100% validated assessment or validation. Our system can perform this on a bi-lateral or more complex grid on a timely basis, permitting rapid and clear understanding of facts through specific filter queries being executed faster than comparable analysis engines.

6. More money now and later. Our RCM beta tests indicate high relative value in use. Specifically, a hospital generating Net Patient Revenue of $500 million would net an incremental $9.7 million per year using the GCA system as well as a once-only $38.4 million from prior years’ (Zero Balance) review and settlements.