Our Business Plan

To do well what we do best, which is to focus on improvement of, and expansion upon, our patent applied technical advance. In order to do that we plan to operate our I.P. as a profit center to continue to hone expertise, broaden application, and maximize value in use for the benefit of businesses, governments, and research organizations.

To remain maximally “nimble” through marketing and operational leverage. That means we seek early adaptor “partners” in a broad range of users that will bring us to market in their field and that through various methods (exclusive territorial franchise or license, or full partnership in our shared thrust into any given sector) will share financially in our success as well as operationally through their own use of our I.P.

GCA has already begun operations in the U.S.A. Revenue Cycle Management sector and has demonstrated capabilities in effective marshalling and validation of hospital appeals of mis-pays and claims denials. We have also developed a related skill, which is recovery of written off appeals that are both within regulated timeframes and significantly outside of them. We seek “partners” in this endeavour that bring large volumes of opportunity for us to help. Every hospital in America is struggling with cashflow; we can unlock millions of dollars of written off appeals, the hospitals are in poor financial health and we are the treatment!

Less dramatically, but none-the-less important, our core expertise is essentially a better tool for high volume transaction audits. We seek partners providing these services among financial auditors, industry and government regulators. Our process of speed and data management tools coupled with our analytics tools and system agnosticism showcase expertise in academic and clinical R&D. Let us not overlook such uses as litigation support, contingent risk management (e.g. ISO defense, CSR proof, FCPA defense of effort). Also; logistics and proves QC.